中国首例 OLED 雕塑,由金螳螂文化亲力打造。具有 非比寻常的震撼视觉效果。数十片曲面 OLED 屏拼接的环 形,半径依次扩大,错落有致。视频画面在整体巨幕上播放, 动作、图像、声音精确同步,尽显科技质感。 

The first OLED sculpture in China was created by Golden Mantis  Culture. It has extraordinary visual effects. Dozens of curved surface  OLED screen joints are annular, the radius enlarges in turn, and the  scattering is uniform. Video pictures are played on the whole giant  screen. Actions, images and sounds are synchronized accurately,  showing the scientific and technological texture.